16 Aug

ChatSeal End of Service

As it turns out, ChatSeal didn’t go anywhere.   I have some thoughts about why that happened, probably most importantly because of the disconnect between trying to be anti-social on social networks.   In any case, I need to regroup and think about my next steps.

I’ve pulled it from the App Store  because I don’t want to try to market something that I’m not planning on actively maintaining.   

Many thanks to those who took a moment at some point or another to glance at what I worked on.

09 Feb

ChatSeal 1.1 – Disguise Your Messages

Many thanks to those of you who have downloaded ChatSeal.

The main thing this new release adds is the option to disguise your messages on Twitter with custom photos instead of the default envelope with your seal stamped on it.   This takes it a bit further in the direction of true steganography, while allowing you to keep your Twitter feed unique and fresh.   

In addition, I fixed a few different kinds of bugs:

  • Background retrievals of messages are now working better.  You should see the app query your Twitter feed and find things when you’re offline more reliably.
  • If a message is sealed, but not yet posted and you terminate the app, the message won’t show up in your message list any longer.
  • Random visual improvements throughout.
  • Minor tweaks.

With this release, I’m looking for suggestions about where you think ChatSeal should go from here.    If you’re interested in offering any comments or simply just want to express any criticisms, I’d appreciate the feedback.

Be personal.

08 Jan

Why ChatSeal?

If you read my introductory post, you may be wondering how ChatSeal answers some of the concerns I raised there.  Since my intent may not be entirely clear, I figured I’d take a few moments and offer some background on why I chose to create it.

My perspective comes from the other side of the Internet experience.  Growing up, I recall a time when people had pen pals and phones were attached to the wall with 20-foot cords.   The feelings of nostalgia aside, this point of view helped me build some opinions on how the bonds between people are formed.  Read More

07 Jan

ChatSeal is Available

I’m thrilled to announce that after 793 days of development, ChatSeal has finally been approved for sale in the App Store.  If you’re interested in trying out a new way of messaging your friends on Twitter, it offers a somewhat different perspective on Internet privacy.

If you have any opinions you’d like to share, please send them over and I’ll make sure they get considered as I plan for upcoming releases.

Be personal.

18 Dec

Value through Reality

We’ve been chasing a mirage.

For over fifty years, mankind has built his greatest achievement in modern computing, and yet we’re surrounded by technology we don’t fully understand.   We store our memories in it, move our money with it, and even trust it to keep us safe while we’re flying thousands of feet above the ground.  But based on what we’ve seen so far, has it earned this level of confidence?

Read More