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Be Personal

Our personal experiences define us.  Just like our fingerprints, they make us uniquely individual and leave a distinctive mark on the rest of the world.  These experiences have great value, not just to us, but to others.

The challenge is to keep our experiences personal, while also sharing them with the people who matter most in our lives.

ChatSeal was designed to reliably protect your personal communications so that you can simply focus on having wonderful, new experiences.   Everything you write with ChatSeal is protected with military-grade, AES 256-bit encryption before it leaves your device.  Better yet, it sends your messages over Twitter, so now you can use a single social network for personal, as well as public, communication.



Simple and Familiar

Build seal sample.
With ChatSeal, you only need to create and share a seal before chatting like you do today.  There is no complex setup to perform and all of your encryption is handled for you automatically.  Each seal can only decrypt messages it previously sealed.  Anyone who doesn’t have your exact seal cannot read your content.


Message list sample.When you send or receive messages, they are automatically organized by the seal that sent them.  This allows you to easily separate the different parts of your personal life without concern for them overlapping.















Message detail sample.Everything while chatting will feel comfortable, just more secure.   We even blur all photos inside the message thread until you view them so that even someone next to you won’t see them by accident.

















Security on Display

Have you ever noticed that other secure messaging apps always ask you to join a new social network? Unfortunately for them, you can never be completely sure how much of your personal information is being stored in the cloud to be mined or stolen by hackers.

ChatSeal proves its security by protecting your content and then posting it on the world’s most popular microblog.  You don’t have to take our word for it, you can see your fully secure messages for yourself.

Sealed message sample.Every encrypted message is hidden inside a photo like this one using steganography so you won’t have any problem seeing it pass by while also giving you a recognizable, alternate identity.







Own Your Content

Using ChatSeal does more than simply make your messages private, it keeps them personal, because you retain control over how they are used.  When a seal is created, you can assign a custom expiration time to it. If your friends don’t receive messages from you at least once during each time period, all of your content will be locked on their device until you re-share your seal.  This ensures your past can stay in the past.




  • Completely independent.  Everything in ChatSeal is engineered to only work with publicly-available Internet services.  There are no custom social networks to join and no one has your encryption keys except the people you choose.   We couldn’t even open your messages if we wanted to!

  • Multiple identities.  Every seal you create has its own AES 256-bit and RSA 2048-bit encryption keys that can only open its own messages.  This allows you to keep your conversations to different people completely private from the others.

  • Personal communication. Replies from friends are only ever seen by you, even if others have the same seal.  This ensures that you remain in control of the conversation.

  • Exercise your right to be forgotten.  Seals can be revoked from friends’ devices after a period of time or if they take a screenshot.  Once a seal is revoked, they cannot read your messages again until you re-share your seal.

  • Define yourself.  There is nothing personally identifiable in the sealed messages, so you can choose how you want to be known.

  • Intelligent friend connectivity.  As you use ChatSeal, it will help you to ensure your connections to your friends are always great on Twitter to keep the messages coming in.

  • Unlimited Twitter feeds.  If you have more than one account, ChatSeal allows you to easily exchange messages on the ones that make the most sense for your conversations.



Privacy Policy

Please consult the official ChatSeal privacy policy for more details on how it uses and protects your personal information.